Is blogging a good career option in 2021?


Do you earn huge money from Blogging?

I think you see this type of question on the internet. And this is relevant also. 

Before coming to the new field, you need to know about earning potential.

In this post, you will find all the answers. 

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Top 10 Highest Earning Bloggers of The World in 2021

Top 20 Highest Earning Bloggers of The World

I will give you the top 20 highest earning bloggers’ reports that inspire you.

#1. Sarah Titus

Sarah Titus

Sarah Titus, a homeless woman, makes 7 figure revenue today.

More than 14 years ago, Sarah Titus’s unfaithful husband abandoned her family and her two kids and she ended up homeless.

Now, Sarah Titus’ earnings are $200,000+/month.

How She Earns Money

She starts a blog and makes money through online stores and doing affiliate marketing.

Visit Sarah Titus’s Blog:

#2. Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes is a blogger and penny stock adviser. He earns 1 million per month. 

Tim Sykes holds 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Most of the earnings come from Instagram. 

From a personal blog, Tim Sykes earns $15-20 million yearly.

How Tim Sykes Earning Money

He sells online courses through Instagram & blogs.  Also, giving the financial advisor of Penny Stock. 

Another way, he sells online lifestyle products.

Visit Tim Sykes’s Blog:

#3. Brian Clark

Brian Clark

Brian Clark’s net worth is $7 Million and makes the company from blogging. 

In 2006, Brain launched copyblogger, which educates you about content writing. 

You hear that content is the king. Brain Clark shows this perfectly.

How Brian Clark Earning Money

Brain teaches through copyblogger and gives service through the content creator, SEO service.

Visit Brian Clark’s blog:

#4. Jake Dobkin

Jake Dobikin
Jake Dobkin

Jake Dobkin earned $110,000/ month from blogging. 

Jake Dobikin’s blog is the most popular in the world that covers news, food, events, and art at Gothamist, a New York City. 

This is a micro-niche blog that covers only Gothamist city-related news.

How Jake Dobikin Earning Money

Dobikin earning from Google Adsense & affiliate marketing. Also, he is taking donations. 

Visit Jake Dobikin’s Blog:

#5. Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman, owner of Smashing Magazine earning per month $190,000.  

Smashing Magazine educates website designers and developers, featuring the newest, latest tips.

You learn the most amazing things from Smashing Magazine like CSS & HTML codes and more.

How Vitaly Friedman Earning Money

Vitaly Friedman only earned through banner advertising.

Visit Vitaly Friedman’s Blog:

#6. Pat Flynn

pat flynn
Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn’s monthly earning is $200,000.

He is doing affiliate marketing at making online income from Smart Passive Income.

Pay Flynn is a digital marketer, entrepreneur & author. He shares all his life journeys through his books.

How Pat Flynn Earning Money

Pat Flynn’s earnings come through affiliate marketing selling digital products like Bluehost, GetResponse. Also, he is selling online courses and products.

Visit Pat Flynn’s Blog:

#7. Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose
Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose, a financial related blogger, earning $138,000+/month.

He teaches people how to make financial decisions. 

If you want to learn about finance-related topics, you can visit Jeff Rose’s blog Good Financial Cents.

 How Jeff Rose Earning Money

His financial planning practice, which he oversees, provides him with 33% of his income.

Affiliate marketing items and services such as Insurance Plans account for another 33%. 

Selling online courses and digital items generates 20% of revenue. Sponsorships and advertising providers for the remaining 14%.

Visit Jeff Rose’s Blog:

#8. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz and his annual earning is $44.9m

Moz provides SEO-related services through SEO Tools. 

Moz is an SEO community and service provider, including SEO tools, conferences, and a huge digital publishing business.

By making blogging a major element of its business, Moz has shown how a company can sell products and services.

How Rand Fishkin Earning Money

Rand Fishkin earns through selling products & provides SEO-related services. Also, selling SEO Software.

Visit Rand Fishkin’s Blog:

#9. Alborz Fallah

Alborz Fallah

Alborz Fallah is passionate about cars. So, he turned his passion into earning through blogging. 

Alborz Fallah’s monthly earning is $125,000+/month. 

Alborz has turned his personal blog project into a large branded website that is one of Australia’s most reputable car advice sites.

How Alborz Fallah Earning Money

Advertising and brand sponsorships are the main sources of revenue.

Visit Alborz Fallah’s Blog:

#10. Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas
Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas’s monthly earning is $4.8m. 

Gizmodo is a design, technology, science, and sci-fi site that has several different versions that serve different regions of the world.

How Peter Rojas Earning Money

Peter Rojas earned through Google Adsense, paid advertising & Affiliate marketing.

Visit Peter Rojas Blog:

So, I give you the Top 10 Highest Earning Bloggers of The World.

It inspires you to start a new blogging journey.

Blogging Equipment (Start A Blog)

As a beginner, you can start a blogging business with a small investment.

To create a blog, you don’t need $100. You can do it for $50 only.

Important Topic: How to Start a Blog

What you need to Start

Domain: Before starting a blog, you need a domain.

First, select your niche and buy a domain that highlights your niche.

It takes approx 10 dollars to buy a domain. Also, you will get a free domain with your hosting.

Hosting: A good hosting makes a website faster & increases ranking.

After core web vital news, you need good web hosting that boosts your ranking & speed

Theme: Lightweight themes increase website ranking.

Also, load websites faster. Install premium GeneratePress theme.

It is the most popular theme in the blogger community.

FAQs of Top 10 Highest Earning Bloggers of The World

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