How to Start a Blog in 2021

Are you interested to start a blogging career?

Good Decision.

Blogging can give you passive income. But, the main question is how to start a blog?

I started a blog in 2017 with Zero knowledge. You can say this is a big decision or the worst decision for me. The big decision is I learned slowly all about blogging.

And the Worst decision is I don’t know anything like On-page SEO, WordPress Plugins, quality content, Backlinks when I started blogging.
Don’t worry…

I will help you to start a blog with a step-by-step guide that saves you huge time.

These days blogging is not part of the passion, it’s also a way of earning.

In 2011 Public blogs were 156 million. In 2014 Blogging increased by 172 million. An interesting part is into 172 million blogging 75.8 million bloggers using WordPress. Wikipedia showing this report.

wikipedia report about blogging

So let’s get started and go over how to make a blog and teach you how to become a successful blogger.

How to start a blog (step by step Guide for Beginners)

1. Select the perfect niche for your blog

2. Choose Domain Name

3. Go for the right web hosting

4. Install WordPress- Best Blogging Software

5. Choose Theme for WordPress

6. Install Most Essential WordPress Plug-in

7. Write Profitable Content

8. Don’t Skip These Pages

9. Monetize your new blog

Before you figure out how to start a blog, you need to understand what a blog is and what it requires. Nearly everybody likes to share their perspectives.

What is a Blog exactly?

Blogging is part of sharing your knowledge, experience, memories with other people, and whatever else you need to explain in an online diary that general society can see.

Many online organizations and people have used the influence that posting new articles on the web can bring and are making cash blogging all the time. So, we will help you to start a blogging platform from scratch.

1. Select the perfect niche for your blog

This is the most important part of your blog. You have to make the right decision about a perfect niche. Most people can’t decide what the right niche to start a blog is.

If you want to succeed with your blogging career then you have to choose the right niche that is you like most. When I started the blog, my first question was what niche can be perfect for me?

I was thinking for more than a week. After that, I can realize my interesting part is all about blogging, SEO, and this kind of topic.

And at the end of the day, I decided to start a blog about this topic. I think you understand how to select a perfect niche for your blog.

Give you some examples also, to choose the right niche. You can create this type of website also.

  • Image gallery
  • What’s app Message
  • Age calculator
  • PNR Status Check
  • Health Topic
  • Review Products
  • E-Commerce

Just pick any of the categories and create your website. Also, you can choose to sell products online through the affiliate market.

It is quite a simple earning process for Beginners. But at the end of the day, you have to make a decision yourself.

2. Choose Domain Name

If you are serious about blogging & want to be a successful blogger, you have to create a website that can generate income. This is the most interesting part to choose a perfect domain name for your new website.

Some Remember Point before buy domain

  • Choose .com if you want to target worldwide customers or .in for Indian clients.
  • Never use numbers and hyphens for your blog name.
  • Your domain name showing you a niche like my domain name is for guide beginner level bloggers.
  • You also should pick a simple domain name to identify.

Are you confused about it? Ok. I give you an example.

Our domain name is and this domain name is our blog name. Also, define what kind of topic you will get from our blog.

So, go forward to Step 2 Choose your Blog Name that defines your brand.

If you are confused about choosing your domain name, you can change it later.

You can buy a domain from Godaddy. But Bluehost gives you a free domain with buy hosting.

Why will you buy Bluehost?

Hosting is the most essential part of a website. Best hosting service gives you better website speed, Secure, and best customer service from time to time.

Some Reasons why we recommended Bluehost?

Better User Experience: Bluehost provides a great user experience for website speed. I personally love this. Also, you will get the best customer support that definitely gives you another satisfaction.

Affordable Price: Bluehost provides a Bluehost affordable web hosting plan for your pocket budget. You don’t need to spend $10/month. You can easily choose Bluehost providing a $2.95/month (65% Off)  that is a really cheap price.

Free Domain: Bluehost can provide you with a free domain name when you sign up for hosting, which helps you to skip the initial and annual costs involved with owning a domain on your own. If you have already purchased your own domain name, don’t worry; you can still use your domain name with Bluehost.

I think you understand why we recommended Bluehost.

3. Go for the right web hosting

After choosing your blog name, one of the most important decisions you have to choose for web hosting providers. There are thousands of web hosting services available over the internet.

But you have to choose a good and cheap hosting plan which gives you security and is easy to use.

Bluehost is the best choice to start a blog for beginners with some extra features.

  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free domain name
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • Live chat support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

These are all features you can take with just $2.95/month.

Also, Bluehost gives you a one-click WordPress installation offer.

—> Click here to head over to Bluehost and hit the button “Get Started” to get the best deal.

how to start a blog in 2021

Choose your plan

Choose a hosting plan that is suitable for you. But as a beginner, I will recommend you to choose the starts at the Basic plan that starts with $2.95/month (65% Off) for our Bloggingstarts readers.

After selection, a plan chooses a new domain name that is also your blog name.

Click on next

After fill-up, the form & payment information click on submit button

Congratulations “Welcome to Bluehost”

how to start a blog in 2017

Next, create a strong password and complete this setup.

4. Install WordPress- Best Blogging Software

Today, creating a website doesn’t need any special programming skills.

If you know how to send an email or create a document in a word processor, you have enough skills to set up and maintain your site.

Of course, that refers to personal or small business websites (including small e-commerce websites), and not enterprise or large e-commerce sites that must have a lot of customized features and sophisticated design.

WordPress is the best blogging platform and offers one-click installation with thousands of plugins that make your website a stunning look. It’s time to set up WordPress.

After buying a Free domain and hosting account, go to the Bluehost Cpanel account and click on “Install WordPress”

5. Choose Theme for WordPress Software

The theme is the most important part of the website.

It’s changed the look from boring to professional.

WordPress provides some awesome themes for your website and most of them are free of cost

The default theme which is pre-install with WordPress is Twenty Nineteen. You can change it easily.

To choose a new theme just go to Appearance and click on the Theme icon.

choose wordpress theme

And then click on the “Add New” button on the top to access thousands of WordPress themes.

Click on add new button

You can add the latest theme to your website. Just go to the “Latest” button and Install the theme

If you don’t like any of the themes, you can buy a premium theme also like:

I will recommend you for GeneratePress the most Popular theme for Bloggers.

Also, you can buy themes from ThemeForest. Just go to, click on WordPress and choose “Popular Items”.

choose popular theme

Then buy a popular theme which I mention above or you can choose the theme by rating also.

After buying a theme, go to Appearance and click on “upload theme”

6. Install Most Essential WordPress Plugins

This is the most interesting part for me.

WordPress is open-source software. You can easily install lots of plugins with just one click.

And the best part is you can download plugins without extra charge.

You don’t need any knowledge of coding to design your website. Just install some plugins and change your blog boring to a stylish look.

But don’t install dozens of plugins on your website. That can be slow your blog.

So many plugins also can harm your website’s security issue.

I am recommending some best plugins for your new WordPress website.

Just go to WordPress Dashboard> go to Plugins > Add New

add new plugin

Yoast SEO– This is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin. If you don’t know about on-page SEO, Yoast SEO will help you just like a childhood friend.

You can easily index your website to submit to the google search console through Yoast SEO.

Also, use the XML sitemap of your blogging post to appear on the google search engine.

Yoast SEO gives you more SEO optimize options Title Tag, Meta Description, and many more.

Elementor– Elementor is a website builder plugin and you can easily install it from WordPress Dashboard > plugins option.

With the Drag and Drop facility, your WordPress website makes a professional look.

These plugins have 5 million active users.

So, you can understand how important these plugins are for creating a website.

Google Analytics DashboardPlugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights: You can simply track your website growth with the MonsterInsights plugin. Analyze site audit report, search console report, website loading time, and traffic source by one click.

Contact Form 7– One of the well-known plugins of WordPress is contact form 7. This plugin helps you to create a contact form for your website. If someone fills out this form, you get an email notification.

Smush– To increase the loading speed of your website, Image Compression is the most important step for you. The high-resolution known for the image can decrease loading speed. This problem solves easily by installing a smush plugin.

Pro Tips: Always use Png. image for your website. Png file quality does not change even after compressing.

Without the Smush plugin, you can compress images online.

Just go to and upload an image that you want to compress.

After compressing, download this image and upload it to your WordPress website.

WP Super Cache– This plugin helps to speed the WordPress site. Wp super cache-store your content for visitors to browse. It turns from dynamic to static to increase website speed.

Simple SSL– Automatically detects your site is secure or not and configures the website to run over HTTPS. It’s so simple to install an SSL certificate for a WordPress site. Enable SSL with just one click.

Akismet – Akismet is the most popular plugin of WordPress that filters millions of spam comments every day. You need to upgrade the premium version to active on your website.

WordPress Popular Posts– you can easily display your most popular posts to your WordPress blog. This is the most awesome plugin.

Mailchimp– This plugin helps you to convert from visitor to customer through email subscribe. Just connect your blog to the Mailchimp account and collect your visitor email address easily.

UpdraftPlus– Back up your WordPress site is an easy way. Install UpdraftPlus to your site, set up a backup daily basis, and connect with your mail account. If the server crashes or you get hacked, your backup will help to see your site live again.

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded– you can set a manual login attempt on your WordPress dashboard. You can block the IP address also. This plugin has fully customized features. It helps to secure your website free of cost.

Wordfence– When I talk about security, my first choice will be Wordfence. This is the best plugin to secure your site. Wordfence provides firewall protection and malware scan every day. You can access Two-Factor Authentication and Country Blocking features also.

Hover over the plugins option from your WordPress dashboard and install it one by one.

After Install, these plugins click on the active button.


7. Write a great Content

“Content is king”. Yes, it’s true.

Without content, you can’t be a blogger.

You have done all general work like setting up a domain, installing plugins, and choosing the right theme for your site.

Now, it’s time to learn how to write awesome blog posts and give useful information to your readers through your blog.

If your content is awesome, your readers will come back, again and again, every day. Your google ranking also increases.

Don’t worry. Writing blog posts is not much hard work. It’s smart to work.

After choosing your topic, go for the most searchable topic that people search every time on google.

Let your niche be a dog.

So, you will write all about dogs; like dog food, dog health care, how to train your dog, etc.

Next step you have to do keyword research. This will help you rank on google and more visitors will come to your website.

Learn More:  How to use KWFinder to rank First Page

I will recommend the long-tail keyword to rank easily.

Ahrefs also suggests a long-tail keyword to boost your post on search engines.

Some Remember Points:

  • Don’t copy other’s content. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. If your content is duplicated, it will not index in search results. Google says this clearly.
  • Try to write content with normal English words. If readers can’t understand the meaning of words, they skip reading your content and go to the next website.
  • Your website design should be normal which can easily be understood by visitors. The user-friendly design increases website visitors. I will recommend Generate Press Themes.
  • Don’t use images randomly from Google. Rather use a non-copyright-free image not to harm your ranking factor.

Blogging, not an easy method of earning. You have to deliver quality content from time to time.

Write awesome content with your keyword. Remember your content must be unique.

How to your content must be unique?

Original Content: Your content must be original that grab lots of readers. Are you thinking about how to write content? Content writing is not rocket science. You can write content in your own mother tongue.

Unique Picture: Use unique images for your blog. You can use or These two sites are non-copyright-free images. If you still prefer unique designs & photos like me, go to

Video: Try to engage your reader through videos that decrease bounce rate. Add a video to your post that will be easy to visualize for your visitor and boost your ranking.

Here are few tips before writing a blog post:

  • Try to write blog posts once per week. Don’t hesitate to create 2000+ words. The ideal word length for SEO should be 2000-2400 words.
  • Don’t use Random ads on your website. It’s can increase your website bounce rate.
  • Engage Readers with content, image, videos, and youtube video also. You can Embed youtube videos without any hesitation.

8. Don’t Skip These Pages

Don’t forget to create some important pages for your blog.

You should have these pages before publishing your website.

About us: Your website reader wants to know about you. Freely, write who you are and why you create a blog (write details about your blog).

Contact Page: This page helps to create bonds with your readers. If your blog visitor wants to communicate with you, fill contract form from your contact page. I already mentioned the above contact form 7 plugin. Just install this plugin and activate it.

Privacy Policy: This page tells what type of Personal information collecting on your website.

Personal information means name, email address, phone numbers, Google account date of birth, IP address, and many more.

Clearly mention what type of information are you collecting from visitors.

Trams and Conditions: This page of your website is a bridge between you and visitors of your website.

Agreement on Terms and Conditions (T&C) is a page on a website that sets out the rights and responsibilities of anyone using the site.

It essentially forms a Website User contract.

Promote your website:

If you spend 20% on writing your content, 80% time focus on promoting your content.

To gear up a website, you must know how to engage readers with your post.

More engagement means more money…

Let’s discuss one by one to scale up your content on the sky.

Social Share: Social Network users increase day by day. In 2017 social network users were 2.86 billion and this scale going high every year.

Check out this report on so, you defiantly understand what is the power of social networks.

Take this advantage to scale up your website.

Create a social audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn everywhere. Just like a brand.

Organic Traffic: Organic traffic boosts your website ranking day by day.

First, you need to submit the blog’s sitemap to Google & Bing to get new visitors from a search engine called Search Engine Optimize (SEO).

Google: First, go to Search Console and sign up through your Google account, click on “ Add Property” to add your blog on Search Console, and submit Sitemap of your blog for proper Search Engine Optimize.

Bing: For adding your blog to Bing Webmaster Tool, Sign up & Submit Sitemap to boost organic visitors.

The most important point is you need to be consistent. 

Try to post every single day to engage your audience. Keep the focus to provide value through your content.

Get Visitor from Content: You can boost website visitors through your blog posts.

Write blog with full details content using high-quality images, infographics, and embed Youtube Video. It will also help you to get some more backlinks that come the organic way.

Pro Tips: Always choose the latest topic of your niche to get immediate ranking on google.

Your Consistent Keep Boosting: Google doesn’t love lazy people.

So, don’t be lazy. Today’s hard work makes you smile one day.

Keep writing every single day to make authority on google’s eyes. Google Bot crawls your website every time for a new post that you will publish.

Email List: As a newbie, starting a blog or going to start Building Email List is a little tough.

But you need to build an Email List to make a successful blogging business. Put the Email subscribers button on your website & alert every time when you publish new content.

Build Community:  You cannot get huge traffic as a new blogger. Try to build community by connecting with other bloggers & learn more about blogging as you are going to build a business.  Learn how to build an online community from scratch.

9. Monetize your new blog

Generating income by writing a blog is a good idea.

But easily you can’t earn a huge income.

Your website must be quality content that engages visitors with lots of useful information.

Your awesome content attracts readers to come back to your website again and again.

Important Topic: How to Earn Money from Google

Make Money from the blog:

I know you are curious about how to make money from a blog.

Let’s discuss this.

There are many options to make money from a blog.

Google Adsense: This is the most popular ads network for bloggers. Adsense gives you huge income by showing ads to your website.

You can join Google Adsense free of cost. Just sign in with your Gmail account and put ads on your website.

Affiliate Marketing: You can earn unlimited money by promoting other products to your website that are called Affiliate Marketing.

It can be physical products or software. Amazon is the most popular website to create an e-commerce website through affiliate links.

Sell own products: Selling own products is a good idea to make huge money. But before selling any kind of product build trust with your readers.

You can sell E-books or provide Digital Products services.

Earn From Advertise:  You can generate good revenue by selling your website space. But to earn money from Advertise you need high-quality traffic. 

Just hang a banner on your website and make money from an advertiser.

How to Start a Blog [ Infographic ]

How to Start a Blog [ Infographic ]


What is a blog example?

The blog is like a book that provides huge information. But you can read blogs offline. It is online information provided through the website & adding more value through content that is helpful for readers.

How can I make $1000 a month blogging?

The blog is like a book that provides huge information. But you can read blogs offline. It is online information provided through the website & adding more value through content that is helpful for readers.

How can I make $1000 a month blogging?

The blog is like a book that provides huge information. But you can read blogs offline. It is online information provided through the website & adding more value through content that is helpful for readers.
To make $1000 a month, you need to know the proper strategy.

Follow Step by step process:

Select the perfect niche for your blog
Choose Domain Name
Go for the right web hosting
Install WordPress- Best Blogging Software
Choose Theme for WordPress
Install Most Essential WordPress Plug-in
Write Profitable Content
Don’t Skip These Pages
Monetize your new blog

We mention all steps in detail. Before generating $1000 a month, read all steps carefully to make your blog more professional. Go to start a blog on top & learn first.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

You don’t need $100 to start a blog. Start blogging with $2.95/month that is a really cheap price. Bluehost provides free domain & web hosting with this low budget. You can start blogging on which is absolutely free of cost but you can’t customize that is easy for the WordPress user.

How do you start a blog for free?

How to start a blog (Step by step)

Here are 9 steps to start a blog and make money from your blog.

Select the perfect niche for your blog
Choose Domain Name
Go for the right web hosting
Install WordPress- Best Blogging Software
Choose Theme for WordPress
Install Most Essential WordPress Plug-in
Write Profitable Content
Don’t Skip These Pages
Monetize your new blog

We explained details about how to start a blog. Read the article & create your own blog in less than 1 hour.

How do bloggers get paid?

Mainly bloggers earn in 2 ways. One is Adsense & the other is affiliate marketing. But there are two more options available. Number one is Guest posts & Number two is Sponsored ads. These last two options you can activate after your website popularity.

Browser More Topic:

Top 10 Most Essential Plugins for Pro Blogger
How to Earn Money From Google
15 Best Affiliate Marketing Platform

Final Words

Finally, you learn how to start a blog and make money through blogging. But you have to present & consistency to this profession.

Define your passion & share your knowledge through the website.

You only need Domain & web hosting to earn money through your passion.

Provide value through your blog to readers & be honest.

So, are you going to start a blog in 2021?

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