Event blogging is the newest way to make money online. It’s low-cost and high-reward, with a potential for $10K in monthly income.

Event bloggers are typically freelancers who blog about events they attend by covering the event from their perspective or interviewing attendees.

These blogs can generate massive traffic, making it easy to monetize them through advertising revenue share programs like Google AdSense.

If you’re interested in starting an event blog, follow these tips for getting started!

What is Exactly Event Blogging?

Event blogging is when somebody starts their site dedicated to just one specific type of event or topic. 

Event blogging can also be described as a “micro-niche blog” because it covers the specific topic of the event (or sometimes just one part, such as birthday cake decorating). 

For example, you could create a website about New Year’s Eve wallpapers where the events are ‘New Year’ and display pictures for people to download.

Event blogs usually get a ton of targeted traffic only during that time, but they quickly die down after, so it is essential to have long-term strategies in place if you want to make money from them!

How to start Event blogging & Generate Money

Event Blogging Start Earning Within 3 Month

Step 1: Pick the Perfect Event

Choose an event that you’ll be able to cover in-depth. You need to know the event well enough so your readers will see value in what you write, but not so much that it’s difficult for you to learn about the event by attending.

Let’s choose the high-earning event that generates Money quickly.

Black Friday Sale
Christmas Offer
Year Ending Sale
IPL Event
Holi Offer
Valentine Day
New Year Sale
World Cup Event
Dhanteras Offer
Cyber Monday
Oscars Event
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day

After selecting the Event, you first have to do proper keyword research and choose the low competition keyword to rank quickly on Google’s top page.

Step 2: Choose Low Competition Keyword

Keyword Research is an essential Technic to rank on google’s top page.

Before starting a blog, you should know about low competition keywords and high search keywords.

Following is the low competition keywords list that you should choose event blogging event based on your event niche:

Low Competition Keyword Examples

  • Best year ending the sale
  • Best Black Friday Deal
  • Best Christmas Offers

Here is an example of a keyword that you should target during event blogging.

So, how do you search low competition event blogging keywords?

There are plenty of tools for keyword research.

You can use Google AdWords, word tracker, etc., to find low competition event blogging keywords. Also, you can read our post How to Use KWFinder to search for the best Keyword.

And don’t forget about Google Keyword Planner, a free and very powerful way to do event blogging marketing on a budget…

Keyword Research Tools:

  • Google Adwords
  • Ubersuggest
  • KWFinder

Just head over to this keyword research tool and type your selected event topic.


Now you will get tons of Low Competition Keyword ideas.

Save all the keywords to Excel shit for future to use.

Also, head over to Google Trends (Google Trending Topic Tool) and search for new keywords about your Event topic.

You will get more keyword idea which is trending & brand new keyword.

Step 3: Start Blogging on WordPress

You can use any platform to start Event Blogging, but WordPress will be the best choice because it’s free and easy to use.

Choose the best web hosting & perfect domain name for your blog. You don’t have to put in a lot of money; you can choose a cheap web hosting and the best domain name for under $10.

Bluehost Web Hosting:

Just head over to Bluehost to choose your web hosting for your blog.

Choose the best plan that suites with your need.

Use this auto-add coupon link which gives you a $2.65 Hosting fee per month.

Discount Price: $2.65/month (70% OFF). Click the special link to buy Bluehost Web Hosting. 

Bluehost Offering:                      

  • Get Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Add Ons
  • One-Click WordPress Installer
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Server Space
  • Unfreeze 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have a web hosting plan, you can buy a domain name for your event blogging.

Just go to Godaddy and choose a domain name.

You can get the most discount at Godaddy this month, so don’t miss out!

Go to the domain section and search for your blog topic.

If you want to add some additional word such as info or site, add it before the interest keyword in the domain name section.

So check out the best event blogging keywords list:

Event Blogging Keyword

  • event blogger             
  • dhanteras online shopping             
  • event blogging platform             
  • Christmas sales            
  • eCommerce Christmas offers             
  • Black Friday sales        

Tips for buying a perfect domain name

Here are the following tips for buying the perfect domain name:

  • You can use the keyword as your brand name.      
  • Try to create a brand from an already popular brand/site.
  • Choose two or three keywords, and you should put a “-” between those keywords.  
  • Don’t miss out on the word “the” because it has a huge search volume.      
  • You can choose a second-level domain name for your blog if you want to rank quickly.

GoDaddy will help you to search for the unique domain name for your website. Just go to the GoDaddy domain registrar platform and put your keyword.

Now, you will see tons of domain name ideas.

Step 4: Select the Fast Loading Theme

 When you choose your hosting plan with Bluehost, you will get free one-click WordPress installation.

You can install any theme for your blog, but I recommend selecting the best fast-loading WordPress theme.

Generatepress theme is the best choice for your blog because it will speed up your website and give you a faster loading time.

You can read more about the Generatepress theme by clicking here.

Why Choose Generatepress Theme:

Mobile-friendly design
Fully Customizable
Simple & Easy to use
Drag & Drop Page Builder
Awesome Drag & Drop Elements
Revolution Slider included ($25 value)
Unlimited Colors & Layouts
SEO ready and speed optimized

Step 5: Write Best Event Blogging Content

Your event blogging post must be in top-notch content to get maximum traffic on your blog.

So, don’t forget to write the best quality article with all the necessary keywords you researched before for this article.

Also, do proper research about the topic you are writing about because it will give more depth meaning to your article, making readers stay on your blog and find out more information.

I will share some tips with you which I follow on my every event blogging post:

  • Choose your topic very carefully. When choosing a topic, you must know that this is not a usual blog post like other non-event-related blog posts.
  • It should be specifically for the event, and it should be valuable and helpful information for your reader. So, never write about something you don’t already know or something that doesn’t make sense to your readers.        
  • Use linking strategy wisely. Linking is essential for event blogging because it helps you to improve your website’s SEO ranking. But, don’t use many links because Google penalizes websites having too many backlinks. Instead, use external links which are helpful to provide more information about your topic.
  • Try to create the most searched keyword possible in your content. Don’t overuse keywords in your article because Google penalizes such kinds of websites that use too much of one particular keyword. But, never forget to use important keywords to give your blog a better rank in search engines.  

Try every method I shared above step by step and write down the results in a spreadsheet to notice whether you are getting improvement or not?

If you follow this guide correctly, I am sure that there will be exponential growth in traffic coming to your blog.

So, make sure that you implement all these methods on your next event blogging post and see the magic.

Step 6: Proper Optimize your Content

After writing the content, you must do proper optimizing to get a better rank in search engines.

Search engine optimization or SEO is an essential technique that helps your blog in many ways, such as:

It gives your blog higher ranks in search engines so that people can easily find out more information about your topic when they search related keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc.

It helps in building trust and authority for your website.

When people see that your website has a good ranking in search engines, they believe that you are a genuine blogger and provide quality content rather than low-quality content sites.

External links help to improve bounce rates because when someone reads an article on your site and is satisfied with the article, they click on the external link to visit another good article you provided.

So, proper optimizing of your blog post is very important.

 I will tell you some on-page and off-page optimization tips for better rank in search engines:

On-Page SEO for Event Blogging Content

If you want to get higher ranks in Google, then don’t forget to follow these on-page SEO methods:

Meta Tag Optimization: This is the essential part of your blog because it tells the search engines about your content.

So, make sure that you use short and informative Meta tags with necessary keywords.

Title & Description: Also, always write a unique title and description of every article to show a good result when searching for related keywords on search engines.

It helps to increase the click-through rate (CTR).

Content Optimization: Always write unique and quality content that provides more information about your blog post.

Don’t write unnecessary things in your article because it’s a waste of time. Instead, focus on one topic and describe everything related to that particular topic.

Also, try to share a real-life experience or example so that people can easily understand how it works.

Description/Tag Line: Always use proper description for every blog post because Google shows 3 lines of description below each search result for better ranking.

So, continuously optimize the tag line to get better CTR, which means more traffic from Google SERP (search engine result page).

Off-Page SEO for Event Blogging Content

If you want to get a better rank in search engines, then don’t forget to follow these off-page SEO methods:

Link Building: This is the most important part of off-page SEO because it helps to improve your site’s authority.

But, if you use too many links in a blog post, then Google penalizes your website for having too many backlinks.

Never try to build random links because it can lead you into trouble.

Always use the proper way to get quality links that are helpful to promote your content among the ideal audience that will never hurt your site’s ranking.

Guest Posting: Guest posting is an effective way to allow you to connect with other bloggers by writing guest posts for their blogs.

Also, if you have any expertise or something unique about the subject of blogger, then you can guest post on their blog.

Don’t write random Guest posts for any site because it will affect your search engine ranking.

Write guest posting which reflects your niche. It will increase your EAT Technique.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is the best way which help you in promoting your content among social media users that are active on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you want, then also share your link with Reddit because they have a good amount of traffic but always be careful while sharing links on Reddit.

Because they hate self-promotional stuff and if possible, use “No-Follow” links when communicating with them because Google does not like too many external links in one page (blog post).

Make sure that after completing all these methods, you submit your blog post on the Google Search console to get better rankings in search engines.

Step 7: Make Money During Event Blogging

If you want to make money from blogging, then there are many ways in which you can monetize your blog, and most of them work best for event blogging:

Affiliate Marketing: This is the best method that works perfectly for every blogger because you don’t need to have any expertise about products or services that provides affiliate commission for promoting their content on the blog.

For example, if you use Amazon as Affiliate Member, they will pay you 4-10% per sale (if someone purchases something using your affiliate link).

So, always try this method because it’s effortless and provides a high-profit return.

In addition, you can easily signup for Amazon Associates Program and start making money immediately.

CPM Ad Network: If you want to get ads on your site, then you can use CPM Ad Network which pays you per-impression basis.

You don’t need expertise about anything because ads show randomly on your site, and payment will be transferred to your bank account according to impressions served on your website.

So, it’s a good option for new bloggers because they do not have too many visitors or backlinks.

Use Google Adsense: If you have a decent amount of traffic, then you should try Google Adsense for monetizing your site because they pay the highest commissions rate (up to 55%) from other ads networks.

Event blogging is a great way that allows everyone to make money online or earn commission from their blog by promoting products and services of companies/traders during events.

Even though these event opportunities are available for anyone so it’s not easy to find a suitable event where you can promote your services or product.

So, use these following tips and tricks for finding events that allow you to promote your service/product:

Check Calendar: Just open your calendar and start checking upcoming events one by one.

Make a list of all possible events that come to your mind because if you miss any event, you can’t promote anything for that event.

You don’t need to go anywhere check online calendars because it’s the easiest way to find upcoming events in every city, state, or country.

Google Events: This is another option that allows everyone to find upcoming events near them without paying a single penny.

Because Google provides a free service for their users to search all kinds of data related to current or future events. All you have to do is just search on Google using keywords like “Upcoming Event near me” or “Event near me.”

Always use this trick whenever you are planning to attend any event.

Social Media: Social media has great value when we talk about the recent trends in the industry of digital marketing that is why you should also use social media to find upcoming events.

Just run a search on Twitter and Facebook using related keywords like “Upcoming Event” or “Parties near me.”

Many people post their upcoming parties and events on social networking sites, so try your luck by searching the right hashtags according to your location or city name.

Twitter: Just start following different marketers and website owners on Twitter and then ask them about upcoming events because most of the marketers attend many events to promote their services or products.

So, it’s a win-win situation for you if they know about any event where you can make money from blogging.

You will get free sponsorship/advertisement plus some commission according to your contribution.

Just search on Google using keywords like “Event near me” or “Party near me” and find the right location to join in the event business.

Here we have two types of events first is local, and another is national or global.

Still, both provide the same opportunity to bloggers that mean anyone who wants to step into the lucrative industry of event blogging must try their luck by joining important events.

You must start your search from near me because it’s tough to find a suitable event for the newcomer.

But if you are trying, you may sometimes make some good money online or offline by monetizing your blog or website during critical events.

FAQs of Event Blogging

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Over to You

Event Blogging is a great way to make money online without investing too much time and money because it’s a micro-job that allows you to get paid from your blog or website.

So, pay more attention to the upcoming events list and start monetizing your site or blog by promoting different brands/traders during event blogging.

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