Making money is not a tough job. One thousand ways you can apply to earn money online. Google also changes many people’s life. 

I think you hear about CarryMinati, a big Youtuber from India. His net worth is $ 852K – $ 5.11M.

Amit Agarwal, an Indian blogger, is approximately earning $60000/month. His blog name is

Are you thinking about how it is possible?

Don’t worry. 

I will tell you every step How to earn money from Google without investment. 

Let’s Start…

How to Earn Money From Google Without Investment

1. Earn Point From Google Maps

You can earn points from Google Maps. Contribute correct information to Google Maps and increase your level.

That’s the way you earn more points.

earn points from google maps

How to get Points

You can earn more points through more contributions. 

  • Rate a place
  • Review a place
  • Add an original photo to a place
  • Add a missing place to Google map
  • Give question answer about a place
  • Check nearby facts 

You can do this from a computer or Android phone easily. 

Learn the step-by-step process from google support. Or you can directly sign up from the Get start button.

2. Make Money From Youtube

Youtube is the second most growing platform after the google search engine. And this is a free platform.

You can earn substantial money-making videos on youtube and monetize your channel through google.

Make different types of videos like comedy, gadget review, teaching, motivational and more.

youtube video ideas

Check out 101 Youtube Video Ideas

You can shoot youtube videos from your smartphone or a video camera. Make a professional video as pro YouTubers do. Just buy Movavi Video Editing Software and create awesome Youtube Videos within a minute. 

How to create a Youtube channel

You can create a Youtube channel in 3 steps. I will tell you step by step. 

Step 1 Go to youtube and click on the sign-in tab on your right side.

After that, log in through your Google account. If you do not have a google account, click on Create account. 


Step 2 Tap on your profile icon on the top left side of the Page, then “Create a channel” from the drop-down menu.

Congratulations, you have crossed two steps. Now it’s time to step no.3 that is the last step. 

Step 3 successfully you created a youtube channel and now make it to a professional business account. 

Just change your Channel Name and profile picture and convert your normal channel to a branded channel. 

But how?   

See this video that is easy to learn. 

Now, successfully you create a YouTube channel. 

It’s time to monetize your channel and make money from that. But it is not done within a night. 

To monetize a YouTube channel, you need 4000 hours of watch time in one year and 1000 subscribers.

Make more and more videos to win this battle.

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3. Google Survey

Easily make money doing surveys and share your thoughts. Take more surveys, take more money in your pocket. 

The topic can be anything like the place, movie, hotel, products, and more. Just take surveys and earn credits. 

You can use those credits to buy any products from the Google play store. 

How to take Google Survey

You don’t need a computer to take this survey. Easily you can do this from your Smartphone. 

Just install from Google play store and take a survey with an answer to a simple question. 

Download from Google Play store

Download from iOS store

4. Google Adwords Expert

After the covid pandemic, many businesses are coming on digital platforms. And this is an extra opportunity for you. 

I think you hear about Google Adwords, a popular ad network of Google. 

An advertiser runs an Ad campaign to grow their business. Because more visitors means more customers, and more customers mean more conversation. 

Google helps to run this ad campaign through Adwords

How it is possible.

Let’s see…

I go to the Google search bar and type “make a website.” Google gives lots of results with advertiser ads also. 

google adwords expert

Let’s take a look. Google Ads showing on first and second place with the “make website” keyword.

And google charges an amount for showing these ads in the first place. 

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

How to Expert of Google Adwords and Make Money

Google Adwords help to increase visitors and sales of the business. You can become an expert on Google Adwords and earn $ 1000/month.

Sign up for Google Ads, or you can sign in through a Gmail account. 

sign up for google adwords

And then start New Campaign.

Choose a Network that is suitable for your business and start your campaign

Learn more to be a Google Expert.

Pro tips: Practice more and more. Practice gives you perfection, and perfection makes expertise.

Read this book to be an Expert Google Adwords Click to buy 

5. Sell Apps and Earn Money

Sell Apps to Google play store and make money.

You can make a game or apps that are both entertaining and beneficial. You can charge per download or make it a paid app.

Monetizing is another way of earning from your apps. 

A Merchant Account is required if you want to publish a paid app on the Google Play Store.

Set up a Google Wallet Merchant Account to monetize your apps.

You need some extra coding skills to create Apps. 

How to Build Your First Apps

You can build Android Apps without coding knowledge.

Yes, it’s possible. 

Appypie helps you to create better android apps without coding skills. 

Just go to appypie and create your apps and make money from selling these apps.  

Make your apps more popular through advertising on social media. The more visitors come, the more money you will earn. 

Also, read books that help to create apps. Click to buy

6. Make Money From Facebook

Yes, you can make money from Facebook

But why I am telling you about Facebook.

Because Facebook is part of Google, and my main content is How to earn money from Google without investment.

Facebook holds 2.7 billion monthly active users. This report by So, use this traffic to make more money. 

Different ways you can earn money from Facebook.  

How to make money from Facebook

Lots of earning opportunities available on Facebook

Collaborate with brands

Make a Facebook page and make loyal followers. 

Yes, it is a speedy step you need to do. 

Publish content that features or is influenced by a business partner to make money. Brands want to collaborate with digital producers as well as their target audiences.

Add a paid subscription to Pages

Create a Page and make huge followers. Also, give offers, and discounts like coupon websites do. 

Fan subscriptions allow the people that are the most about your Page to directly fund it by regular, monthly fees that you set. 

Identify followers in comments with a special badge provided by Facebook and rewards them with benefits such as exclusive content and discounts.

In-stream Ads

This is suitable for video makers. First, create a Facebook page and upload the video to this Page. 

In-stream ads allow you to earn money by displaying short ads before or after your videos.

Social Media Influencer

If you have a Facebook profile or Page with huge followers, you can make huge money through social media influences. 

Industries are always searching for social media influences with large followings that can help them promote their brands.

Read Books to learn How to make money from Facebook. Click to buy.

7. Make money from Google Adsense

You can make money from Google Adsense, a popular advertisement program to run ads on your website, youtube channel, blogs, or apps.  

You will get money when visitors click on ads that will run to your website or youtube videos.

Easily you can place ads on your blog or youtube channel. 

But you need more visitors to make more money from Google Adsense. You can withdraw money after it reaches $100. 

Read Book: Increase Google Adsense Earning

How to connect with Google Adsense

To become a publisher, you need a website, Youtube channel, or apps. 

First, go to Google Adsense and sign in through your Gmail account. 

Second Add your website or youtube channel link to get verification for Adsense approval. If you approved for google Adsense, place Adsense code on your website, youtube channel, or apps. 

Third, you need to place different types of ads code on your blog, or you can set auto ads on that means google will place automatic ads to your website. 

Check this book to increase Adsense Revenue.

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8. Start a Blog

Blogging is the most popular way to earn money from Google. You can make $1000 or more just from blogging. 

You don’t need to invest anything. You can do this from a blogger that is a Google service.

But you need to know basic HTML knowledge, and you cannot fully customize what is available on WordPress.  

Learn More: How to Start a Blog in 2021

But if you are comfortable with Blogger, buy a custom domain from Hostinger at a low price and start blogging. 

After setting up your website, you need to do Keyword Research. That is the essential part to rank quickly on the first page. 

As a new blogger, you can drive traffic quickly through backlinks to increase visitors

Also, you can use paid advertising using Google AdWords to get more traffic. 

9. Google Pay

Google pay is another product of Google.

You can send money to customers with one click. As you know, Google is a big brand, so more people trust Google products. 

You can earn rewards and cash after successful payment from Google pay

Also, you can earn more money referring to your friends and family. 

Earn Rs. 125 after every successful joining. Also, earn Rewards points after completing the task. 

10. Sell Books on Google Pay

If you love to write, you can make extra money selling books on Google Play. Almost every type of book Google accepts. 

Please write that you are an expert and sell them on Google pay. Sell more, earn more. 

This is also a good source of earning from Google. 

FAQs of Earn Money from Google

Important Topic:

How to Start a Blog
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Top 10 Most Essential Plugins
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Over to you

After in-depth research, I give you the ten most popular ways of earning from Google without investment. 

Use any of them and make money from that. If you need any help, comment to me. 

I will try to help you. 

Now it’s your turn. 

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